atlas-cardano-0.5.0: Application backend for Plutus smart contracts on Cardano
Copyright(c) 2023 GYELD GMBH
LicenseApache 2.0
Maintainer[email protected]
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred





datumFromCBORTextEither SomeDeserializeError GYDatum #

Get datum from bytes.

newServantClientEnvStringIO ClientEnv #

Creates a new Servant ClientEnv from a base url.

parseEraHist ∷ (t → EraSummary) → [t] → Maybe (EraHistory CardanoMode) #

Convert a regular list of era summaries (a la Ogmios) into a typed EraHistory (a la Ouroboros).


This must be updated with each hardfork.

See NonEmptyConsSummaryCardanoEras types to understand why one cannot trivially automate this.

Well, unless one uses vectors, from dependent type land.

preprodEraHistInterpreter (CardanoEras StandardCrypto) #

Hardcoded era history for preprod.

NOTE: This is only to be used for testing.

Also see: "GeniusYield.CardanoApi.EraHistory.showEraHistory"

silenceHeadersClientErrorClientErrorClientError #

Remove request headers info from returned ClientError.

This is used as quick and simple way to hide confidential information such as API token.

extractAssetClassMaybe GYAssetClassMaybe (Text, Text) #

Extract currency symbol & token name part of an GYAssetClass when it is of such a form. When input is Just GYLovelace or Nothing, this function returns Nothing.