atlas-cardano-0.5.0: Application backend for Plutus smart contracts on Cardano
Copyright(c) 2023 GYELD GMBH
LicenseApache 2.0
Maintainer[email protected]
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred





networkIdToMaestroEnvTextGYNetworkIdIO (MaestroEnv 'V1) #

Convert our representation of Network ID to Maestro's.

maestroAwaitTxConfirmedMaestroEnv 'V1GYAwaitTx #

Awaits for the confirmation of a given GYTxId

utxoFromMaestroIsUtxo a ⇒ a → Either SomeDeserializeError GYUTxO #

Convert Maestro's UTxO to our GY type.

maestroQueryUtxoMaestroEnv 'V1GYQueryUTxO #

Definition of GYQueryUTxO for the Maestro provider.

maestroProtocolParamsMaestroEnv 'V1IO ProtocolParameters #

Returns the ProtocolParameters queried from Maestro.

maestroStakePoolsMaestroEnv 'V1IO (Set PoolId) #

Returns a set of all Stake Pool's PoolId.

maestroSystemStartMaestroEnv 'V1IO SystemStart #

Returns the SystemStart queried from Maestro.

maestroEraHistoryMaestroEnv 'V1IO (EraHistory CardanoMode) #

Returns the EraHistory queried from Maestro.

maestroLookupDatumMaestroEnv 'V1GYLookupDatum #

Given a GYDatumHash returns the corresponding GYDatum if found.

maestroUtxosAtAddressesWithDatumsMaestroEnv 'V1 → [GYAddress] → IO [(GYUTxO, Maybe GYDatum)] #

Query UTxOs present at multiple addresses with datums.

maestroUtxosAtPaymentCredentialsWithDatumsMaestroEnv 'V1 → [GYPaymentCredential] → IO [(GYUTxO, Maybe GYDatum)] #

Query UTxOs present at multiple payment credentials with datums.