atlas-cardano-0.3.0: Application backend for Plutus smart contracts on Cardano
Copyright(c) 2023 GYELD GMBH
LicenseApache 2.0
Maintainer[email protected]
Safe HaskellNone





data MaestroApiEnv #

The Maestro blockchain API env, containing the Servant client and the Maestro API key.


MaestroApiEnv !ClientEnv !Text 

newMaestroApiEnvStringTextIO MaestroApiEnv #

Returns a new MaestroApiEnv given the base URL to query and the API Token.

maestroSlotActionsMaestroApiEnvGYSlotActions #

Definition of GYSlotActions for the Maestro provider.

maestroGetCurrentSlotMaestroApiEnvIO GYSlot #

Returns the current GYSlot.

maestroQueryUtxoMaestroApiEnvGYQueryUTxO #

Definition of GYQueryUTxO for the Maestro provider.

maestroRefsAtAddressMaestroApiEnvGYAddressIO [GYTxOutRef] #

Returns a list containing all GYTxOutRef for a given GYAddress.

maestroProtocolParamsMaestroApiEnvIO ProtocolParameters #

Returns the ProtocolParameters queried from Maestro.

maestroStakePoolsMaestroApiEnvIO (Set PoolId) #

Returns a set of all Stake Pool's PoolId.

maestroSystemStartMaestroApiEnvIO SystemStart #

Returns the SystemStart queried from Maestro.

maestroEraHistoryMaestroApiEnvIO (EraHistory CardanoMode) #

Returns the EraHistory queried from Maestro.

maestroLookupDatumMaestroApiEnvGYLookupDatum #

Given a GYDatumHash returns the corresponding GYDatum if found.

networkIdToMaestroUrlGYNetworkIdString #

Constructs the Maestro base URL from network id.