atlas-cardano-0.3.0: Application backend for Plutus smart contracts on Cardano
Copyright(c) 2023 GYELD GMBH
LicenseApache 2.0
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Transaction body

data GYTxBody #

Transaction body: the part which is then signed.


Instances details
Show GYTxBody # 
Instance details

Defined in GeniusYield.Types.TxBody


showsPrecIntGYTxBodyShowS #

showGYTxBodyString #

showList ∷ [GYTxBody] → ShowS #


txBodyFromApi ∷ TxBody BabbageEra → GYTxBody #

txBodyToApiGYTxBody → TxBody BabbageEra #

Transaction creation

signTxToShelleyWitnessSigningKey a ⇒ GYTxBody → [a] → GYTx #

Sign a transaction body with (potentially) multiple keys.

unsignedTxGYTxBodyGYTx #

Create an unsigned transaction from the body.

makeSignedTransactionGYTxWitnessGYTxBodyGYTx #

Make a signed transaction given the transaction body & list of key witnesses.


txBodyFeeGYTxBodyInteger #

Return the fees in lovelace.

txBodyFeeValueGYTxBodyGYValue #

Return the fees as GYValue.

txBodyUTxOsGYTxBodyGYUTxOs #

Return utxos created by tx (body).

txBodyTxInsGYTxBody → [GYTxOutRef] #

Returns the GYTxOutRef consumed by the tx.

txBodyTxInsReferenceGYTxBody → [GYTxOutRef] #

Returns the GYTxOutRef for the reference inputs present in the tx.

txBodyTxIdGYTxBodyGYTxId #

Returns the GYTxId of the given GYTxBody.

txBodyToApiTxBodyContentGYTxBody → TxBodyContent ViewTx BabbageEra #

txBodyMintValueGYTxBodyGYValue #

Returns the mint GYValue of the given GYTxBody.

txBodyValidityRangeGYTxBody → (Maybe GYSlot, Maybe GYSlot) #

Returns the validity range of the given GYTxBody.

txBodyCollateralGYTxBodySet GYTxOutRef #

Returns the set of GYTxOutRef used as collateral in the given GYTxBody.

txBodyCollateralReturnOutputGYTxBody → TxReturnCollateral CtxTx BabbageEra #

txBodyTotalCollateralLovelaceGYTxBodyNatural #

Returns the total collateral for the given transaction body.

getTxBodyGYTxGYTxBody #

Returns the GYTxBody of the given GYTx.